When Is The Ideal Time of Day to Do The Housework?

Housework is one of those things that most people would rather go without, but it’s a necessary evil. Whether you’re a mom with small children, a grad student with a demanding course load, or a busy working professional, it’s easy to get behind on the chore.
But when should you do the housework? Whether you’re trying to save time or avoid boredom, it’s not always easy to know when to tackle the cleaning.
The best time to do housework is when you’re most focused and alert.

When is the best time to do housework?

The best time to do housework is when you’re most focused and alert. In fact, studies show that we’re most productive in the mornings. So if you’re a night owl, avoid cleaning or getting things done when you’re more likely to fall asleep. To stay on top of housework, you need to be really efficient. Focus on one task at a time, and don’t get distracted by the many more exciting things you could be doing. You should also avoid completing your chores when you feel “bored,” because this leads to less satisfaction with the task. This can even cause you to procrastinate on chores you can easily complete. Mow the lawn in the morning Experts recommend getting the most bang for your buck when you’re choosing the time to mow the lawn.

Doing housework in the morning

If you’re like most people, mornings are often hectic and full of stress. Rather than dreading doing housework in the morning, use it as a great time to start your day by taking a shower and getting ready for your day. Don’t leave your house or the kids unsupervised, though. A night job or after-school commitments also means you’ll probably be too tired to clean house, and then you won’t have a good excuse. Naps and late nights Lately, I’ve been trying to sleep in as late as possible. This means that most of my cleaning projects happen after everyone else goes to bed. My day job as a freelance journalist often means I’m tired and have to wake up around 3:00 a.m. on work nights.

Doing housework in the evening

Studies show that housework, like any other job, will get done more easily when you do it while you have energy. And you might not have much energy to spare when you’re sitting at the computer researching for your dissertation or updating your resume. So if you have any kind of a schedule, it makes sense to do it early in the day. However, there are some situations when you might not have any time to do housework. Like if you have a family dinner at 6 p.m., or if you have to study for your final exam. So what should you do? Of course, it’s your choice. The thing is, research shows that the time of day when you work best actually depends on your mood. If you have a low energy day, you’re more likely to do housework when you’re not in the mood.

Doing housework on the weekends

A simple rule of thumb is to do housework on the weekend when you have more time and energy. But it’s important to think beyond that. Remember, time has a way of creeping up on you and before you know it, the weekend has passed and you’re back at work, and then the kids are back at school and suddenly there are only 15 minutes in the morning for your morning routine. So it’s important to know when you’re most likely to get a lot of housework done. The busiest time for your home and work is Monday to Friday. If you’re working an office job, your kitchen will likely be a mess at the end of the day. But if you have flexible work hours, you can take a stab at tackling the household chores first thing in the morning before the kids are up.


Moms have a lot to deal with every day. But there is still time to live life to the fullest! What’s YOUR top tip for saving time?