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End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips (2019)

End of Tenancy Cleaning Advice

The end of your tenancy can be a stressful time but it’s important you leave the property in a clean and orderly fashion. That is why the end of tenancy cleaning is so very important, failure to get things clean and tidy could result in expensive fees and even the loss of your deposit.

Some people believe since they are moving out the cleaning is the responsibility of the landlord but that is not the case. The cleaning of the property is your responsibility and this will usually be outlined in your tenancy agreement.

You can be held liable if the condition of the property does not meet proper hygienic requirements so in short the end of tenancy cleaning is very important. But you don’t have to clean the property on your own.

Professional Cleaning VS DIY Cleaning

If you have some end of tenancy cleaning that needs to get done then you will often have two main options. You can use a end of tenancy cleaning service for a professional cleaning or you can do the cleaning yourself.

In some cases, a landlord might have a clause in their tenancy agreement that requires you to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning team for your home. Although this is quite rare and some people argue that it is unfair and often too vague to enforce.

So, in most cases as long as your cleaning is of high enough quality you should be fine to clean your home yourself. However, just because you can do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself that doesn’t mean you always should.

There is a big difference between what a professional cleaner or cleaning team can accomplish when compared to someone doing their own DIY cleaning. That’s not to say you can’t do your own cleaning but the safest and most effective option is to use an end of tenancy cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning – How We Can Help!

At Aim to Clean, we provide a professional end of tenancy cleaning London service. We can tackle any home whether it is a big property or a small apartment and we guarantee only the highest quality cleaning.

Our end of tenancy cleaning London service covers all the main areas of London and we supply all the cleaning materials and equipment. We also offer flexible booking and include both the interior and exterior of the property, whenever possible.

Hiring a professional cleaning team like ours is the best way to ensure your landlord is satisfied with the condition of the property when you leave. All too often people do their own DIY cleaning only to either miscalculate how difficult the job is or to simply not do a good enough job.

There is a big difference in quality when it comes to professional cleaning and DIY jobs. Using our end of tenancy cleaning London service will give you peace of mind and more time to focus on moving out.

As part of our professional cleaning service, we take care of all the cleaning chores needed to ensure your landlord is happy. And if you have any special requirements then just get in touch with the Aim to Clean team for more information.  

DIY Cleaning

If you do want to try doing your end of tenancy cleaning yourself then make sure you set aside a day or two to get everything done. An end of tenancy cleaning is a big job and you will have to tackle each room. You should also only start your end of tenancy cleaning after you have already packed up your belongings as this will make things easier.

An end of tenancy cleaning will involve all your standard cleaning chores like mopping, vacuuming, sweeping and dusting but that is just the beginning. You will have to remember all those areas that we often ignore when cleaning.

Shelves, countertops, lighting fixtures, skirting boards, behind the toilet and much more! It will often be a lot of hard work which is why many people prefer to hire professional cleaners like Aim to Clean to do it for them.

One particularly tricky area is cleaning limescale because it can be very hard to get rid of. Limescale build-ups can happen in various places around your home including around taps, washing machines, tumble dryers, showers/ baths and much more.Make sure you remember to tackle limescale in every room as it is one of the main reasons people lose their deposits. Remember if you are ever unsure or don’t think you can clean to a good enough standard then it is always better to hire a professional cleaning team like Aim to Clean.