Do You Need the End of Tenancy Cleaning as a Tenant?

When your tenancy is over, you’ll have to vacate the property and it will be rented to someone new. If this has to happen, then it stands to reason that making sure the property is clean will boost its value.

Both the landlord and the tenants are responsible for this process, but it can be a massive challenge for the occupants to get it sorted. Ultimately, moving to a new property will take up most of your time, which is completely understandable. You should think about hiring an expert cleaning company to get this part of the process done for you. That’s where end of tenancy cleaning comes in.

What is the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

So let’s take a look at what the end of the tenancy cleaning process is. This is where either the tenant or the landlord have to ensure that the environment is a hygienic one. If the tenant doesn’t leave the property in the right state, they won’t get their deposit. Naturally, this means that the landlords would be responsible for any cleaning that was done after property wasn’t left in the best possible standards. However, as an occupant, why should you bother to hire a company to perform end of tenancy cleaning?

Get Your Deposit Back

Obviously, when you sign a tenancy agreement, you agree to rent the property. This means that you understand the rights and responsibilities of both you and your landlord from the beginning. The end of tenancy cleaning is a fairly vital part of that agreement. To get your security deposit back in full, you have to leave the property in the condition you found it.

As a landlord, the security deposit helps to protect you from losses or damage. If you damage certain parts of property, the owner has a contractual obligation to locate repair services. The cost comes out of the deposit. This is the same case as it is for the cleanliness of the property. So, if you leave the property in a mess, the landlord will take the time to find a cleaning company, and it will come out of your deposit.

A professional company means that you can get your full security deposit back. Yes, you can do this yourself, but professionals are gonna be a lot better feeling than you are, and if there are any unfortunate stains that you can’t get rid of, they will be able to help.

Future Recommendations

As a tenant, the one thing that you want is to have a positive reputation. You’ll be judged because you can pay your rent on time, and that you keep the property clean. If you don’t do either of these things, then you’re not going to get a good recommendation from your landlord. That’s why you need expert cleaning services, because this means that you keep the property in good condition, and you set yourself up for a positive recommendation when you want to rent again.

Final Thoughts

End of tenancy cleaning is an important thing to think about. You should hire one to get things sorted, for a multitude of different reasons.