Carpet Cleaning as Part of End of Tenancy Cleaning

At the end of a tenancy it’s very common for a good percentage of tenants to ignore carpet cleaning prior to returning the house officially to the lending agent or landlord. As a result, the letting agent or landlord usually have no choice but deduct a huge chunk of the original deposit or take it all. Sometimes, this happens because the tenants may not have time to do all the end of tenancy cleaning on their own and leave behind a clean carpet with a supporting service-rendered document to show the landlord.

Fully approved end of tenancy carpet cleaning

An end of tenancy carpet cleaning service ensures that you get your full original deposit. The landlord or letting agent also end up with a clean carpet and home as well as proof of the transaction and work. While seeking a carpet cleaning service for your end of tenancy clean-ups think about a professional cleaning service, locally available and fully approved by landlords and letting agents. Some carpet cleaning services also include flea treatment for rags at a fee or free of charge; perfect for those who own pets.

High standard cleaning

Obviously, every landlord wants back a clean carpet, oven and other parts of the entire home. With a team of expert cleaners an end of tenancy cleaning agency is capable of ensuring all the diverse types of carpets and rags in a home are tidied up professionally with the highest standards of cleanliness maintained. It’s most important to request information on the different cleaning methods and materials used in carpet cleaning from the cleaning service.

For instance, powerful extraction machines that use hot water are usually used, particularly in carpets that have collected household grease, dirt, pet stains, fizzy drinks, soups, wines and tea, among others, accidentally in the home. By the end of the carpet end of tenancy cleaning, you should be guaranteed a clean carpet that looks very new.

Why should anyone look for end of tenancy carpet cleaning service?

  • The little matter of a deposit   

No tenant wants to end their tenancy and leave with a little deposit or none at all. Carpet cleaning guarantees that the deposit won’t be affected due to an untidy carpet. If you’ve rented a home or other property and carpets you found there or added by the landlord are soiled, untidy and stained a cleaning service should be able to help you. End of tenancy carpet cleaning isn’t costly and will be insignificant when you receive the full original deposit back.

  • Prepare a property for tenancy

For any letting agent, end of tenancy simply means another tenant will be coming to live in the vacant premises. To prepare the place for habitude by sprucing it up, a carpet cleaning agency will ensure each carpet is cleaned professionally to make sure the prospective tenant doesn’t move on to another property due to the condition of the carpet. A cleaning service team can work on its own or alongside a letting agency or a landlord’s domestic cleaning persons.

  • Avoids premature carpet replacement

Long, top quality carpets can be expensive and changing them every time a tenant leaves can be costly. Since carpets should also be clean before the property is taken over by a new tenant, carpet cleaning at the end of a tenancy should always be undertaken. At the end of the day, the new tenants will find hygienic clean carpets and home while ensuring that the landlord doesn’t incur unnecessary carpet replacement when all that is needed is thorough carpet cleaning.

Whether one is a tenant, landlord or letting agent carpet cleaning end of tenancy cleaning service should be able to dapper up and effectively clean any carpet. This returns the carpet to its original form if not much cleaner.

Carpet drying

After cleaning the carpet, about 2-4 hours are what’s required to completely dry the carpet in most cases. Even so, lots of factors could lengthen the drying period, such as temperature within the home, number of carpets and their length and the level of stains, soil and dirt on the carpets that need to be cleaned. Something worth noting is that if your carpets seem to have been ruined by tenants, call a carpet cleaning service first before you decide to throw them away. A carpet cleaning agency will let you know really fast if there’s anything they can do.

Once the end of tenancy carpet cleaning process is over, don’t forget to request paperwork for the work. You could ask to be provided with a very clear invoice to hand to the landlord or letting agent. At times, the agents or property owner might want to call the cleaning service to confirm whether the carpet cleaning service was rendered by professionals or by the tenants themselves.